Anonymous whispered: I'm sorry to bother you but I can't figure out how torrents work. I saw your anons and thought I'd try but I can't open the torrent files. I downloaded them from thepiratebay, created new torrents of them and now I'm stuck because if I try to open them, nothing happens. Kmplayer can't find the files under supported files option. I removed the files on utorrent and added them again but it didn't help. Did I miss something? Do you have any tips?

First thing you need to do is download a torrent program. I use uTorrent, which you can download for free here. It’s free to use! Once you’ve done that, head on over to thepiratebay and search for whatever you’d like to download. I personally like downloading any episodes of TV shows from ettv/eztv. I trust those more to be honest.


Click on the link you want to use, and click on “Get This Torrent.” Afterwards a box will pop up saying “External Protocol Request.” Just ignore all that text stuff and click on “Launch Application.”


Now once you do that, uTorrent should pop up after a few moments along with the box of her new download. It should look like the picture below. In that red box I’ve drawn, that is where your download will be saved. You can change it to a certain folder you want so you can find it easier. I just save everything in my downloads folder. After you’ve set that, click on OK and your torrent should begin to load.


Now below I have some tips on downloading videos. One time my program was not updated or…I don’t know, something was wrong with it and I had to do these things so that it would load. Now I just do it as a precaution to make them download faster.

  • Right click on the torrent and go down to “Advanced.” Once there, click on “Reset Bans,” “Clear Peer List,” and “Set Download Location.” I know you already did that, but just do it anyways.
  • Once you’ve done those three, click on “Force Start.” This will force it to get going and download faster.


Every once in a while, while your torrent is downloading, right click on it against and click on “Update Tracker.” This helps the download work faster by updating other seeds and peers. I know it’s a lot of technical stuff that sometimes I don’t get much, but just trust me. It helps your download.


When you that your torrent has finished downloading (or seeding), this means the video you’ve downloaded is ready to watch! Just head on over to where you downloaded it and make sure it does work. Sometimes you’ll get torrents where you can’t open it up. Like I said, I trust ettv and eztv to give me good video files. Video types like mp4 and wmv should work. mkv can be a bit iffy? It just depends?


Anonymous whispered: I know you can make wonderful gifs and edits but do you know how people make gif edits? Like where they make Sterek kiss or fan videos like the ones on youtube?

I have to say that for the Sterek kiss type of gif edits, people are incredibly talented! I can make only photo manips of that, not gifs. As for fan videos, I personally use the program Song Vegas Pro 10.0 to make my fan videos. I hope that helps, and sorry about the Sterek one, I just…people are talented, I can’t do that! XD


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